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CONCLUSION on the outcome of the overall assessment of the effectiveness of the state body for 2015


on the outcome of the overall assessment of the effectiveness of the

state body for 2015

Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan



1. Conclusions on the degree of realization of the tasks, as well as the efficiency of the organization of public authority activities. 1. According to the assessment of the effectiveness for the 2015 year Department of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter – ME of the RK) was ranked 80.85 points (1st place in the ranking among the CGO) and now is on the average efficiency level.


The results of evaluation in the context of the ME of the RK in 5 directions:



9th place

1st place

73,32 points

80,85 points




The strongest sectors of the ME of the RK had a positive impact on the overall efficiency of the public body, resulting in the achievement and implementation of strategic goals and objectives as well as the application of informational technologies.

The state body is evaluated as highly effective upon reaching and implementating strategic goals and objectives. ME of the RK in the rating of CGO in this area for the second year in a row is ranked on the 2nd place.

Due to application of information technology is also ranked #2 and is rated as a high-performance body, arising in the ranking table by 7 positions.

Average effective level of the RK ME was determined in the directions of budgetary funds and personnel management.

Rank below the average for the Republic of Kazakhstan ME is noted in the provision of public services.


Achievement and implemention of strategic goals and objectives (2 out of 12)


In 2015, the activities of the ME of the RK in achievement and implementation of the strategic goals and objectives received 95.85 points (High Level).

Upon reaching and implementation of strategic goals and objectives it was noted that of the 20 target indicators and 29 indicators of direct results of the strategic plan, the achievement of which is provided for 2015, all the 17 target indicators were achieved and partially achieved only 2 indicators of direct results. In this case, the criterion of achievement of the objectives and tasks of the state body was 98%, which corresponds to the level of 2014.

The quality and completeness of the analysis of the strategic plan achievement ratio was 98%, which is higher than the current average of CGO.

Ratio "Quality of risk management analysis" for 2015 amounted 89% and is slightly above the level of 2014 - 88%. In strategic terms, only 17 out of 35 measures are aimed at preventing and reducing the risk of consequences.

The evaluation also detected two fact-fulfillments of planned figures by more than 30%, deduction of 0.4.


Budget management (9 out of 12)

The effectiveness of the ME of the RK budget management in 2015 amounted 71.29 points (average effective level), compared to the results of 2014 and is higher by 14.22 points.

The resulting score is due to the following results of the ME of the RK.

Improved budget implementation rate is (99.3% vs. 98.8% in 2014). The amount of undisbursed funds reduced twice from (123.4 vs. 285.6 million tenge).

In the revised budget, the amount of reallocated funds amounted 1.03 billion tenge, which is 8.4 times lower than in 2014 (8.7 bln.). The rise of the cost of investment projects was not permitted.

Compared to the previous year the volume of receivables and payables, reduced respectively by 21.7% and 95.3%.

Following the audit, an amount of reimbursed funds and the restoration of the budget is in accordance with the provisions of the introduction and concepts of GFK bodies. Funds were returned to the budget entirely.

 Direct results achievement indicators improved by (95% vs. 89.9% in 2014) and the efficiency of execution of budget programs is (95.1% vs. 94.6% in 2014). The reduced number of programs with poor-quality indicators is (2 programs against 10 in 2014).

At the same time was marked a negative dynamics on the criterion of compliance with the budget and other legislation.

At the end of the GFC audit were revealed violations in the amount of 3.76 billion tenge or 13.2% of the amount covered by the verification (in 2014 23.1 thousand tenge or 0.1% of the amount of coverage). The amount of detected inefficient spending totaled 15.0 mln. tenge (11.9 million tenge in 2014). A complaint  was revealed in the field of public procurement confirmed by the authorities. 


Provision of public services (3 out of 12)


Activities of the Republic of Kazakhstan CGO public service in 2015 showed a low efficiency and is estimated at the rate of 66.8 points. Compared to the previous reporting period an increase in the appraisal index is 21.67 points. In the overall ranking among CGO ME of the RK position is up by 5 points.

ME of the RK conducts 37 types of public services.

According to the results of public services quality by public monitoring, the satisfaction with public services of the ME of the RK is above average (7.9 points out of 10). Also, above the average was estimated the work of central public authority in terms of ensuring an adequate level of accessibility to public services ME of the RK is (7.9 points out of 10).

The public authority build an effective system of internal control over the quality of public services. Thus, in comparison with the results of 2014 the number of violations of the terms of public service delivery decreased 347 times (from 695 to 2 points).

In the reporting period were registered 3 violations of the standards of public services, disciplinary measures have been taken for all violations.

There is a high efficiency of ME of the RK regarding automation of processes for public services. From the 40 types of services for which the ME of the RK developed standards, 39 are fully automated and only 1 service is conducted in traditional way only by the state body.

In addition, there is a high proportion of users of public services provided by public authority (subordinate organizations) on a competitive basis through the portal of "electronic government" (100%) and low proportion through public service centers (2.4%).

However, in Kazakhstan the work on the prevention of corruption in the provision of public services is not highly ranked. So, to disciplinary responsibility for corruption offenses were involved two employees busy in the provision of public services.


Human Resources (1 out of 12)

The effectiveness of the ME of the RK HR Management

In 2015 the effectivness of human resources management was estimated at the result of 79.23 points. Compared with the results of the 2014, the evaluation of the ME of the RK increased by 7.52 points in the CGO ranking and rose by 6 positions.

High positions in the ranking of the ME of the RK personnel management is associated with the rates of  listeners of the seminars (100%). In addition, the public authority has significantly improved efforts to ensure transparency of public service and enhance public confidence in civil service. The share of employees who have published a declaration of income and assets, increased from 0% in 2014 to 98% in 2015.

The level of turnover in the ME of the RK virtually unchanged in 2015, amounting 9.2% (in 2014 - 9.8%). Despite the decline in turnover of 0.6%, the planned level is set by the Administration of the President of Kazakhstan, has not yet been reached (9%).

In addition to the positive change in the activities of the ME of the RK were marked changes in personnel management.

Thus, deteriorated performance of justifying expectations of the career staff. In 2015, the promotion of civil servants have received a number of 110 or 40% of the total number of employees assigned to positions other than P-5, C-O-6. In the past reporting period, the proportion of staff assigned to higher positions among the public authority employees was 59%.

By 7.3% decreased the proportion of employees who receiving timely annual vacations (95.4% in 2014, 88.1% in 2015).


The use of information technologies (2 out of 12)

The effectiveness of the ME of the RK on application of information technologies was at the rate of 91.1 points.

Index ranking among the CGO is a positive trend improved by 7 positions compared to the previous period (9 in 2014).

During the evaluation of the ME of the RK following positive changes have been set.

In the reporting period the effectiveness of online resources of the ME of the RK was 99.5% (in 2014 - 89.2%).

The share of the interdepartmental electronic document management was at 100%.

The integration of information systems with the components of the "electronic government" was implemented.

Automating the functions was observed a positive trend compared to the previous period. Thus, the degree of automation increased from 69% in 2014 to 98% in 2015.

However, despite the above-mentioned positive developments, the following adverse facts were noted.

Not carried out work on the use of modules services of IPGO "Collaborating on documents" and the Unified e-mail service.


2. Recommendations and proposals of public authority to improve the effectiveness and efficiency.


Upon reaching and implementation of strategic goals and objectives:

- In the reporting period in section 2 "Analysis of the current situation and development trend of the respective spheres of activity," the strategic plan to provide analysis of the main problems, as well as to continue the work on updating data for the last three years;

- To work out the analysis of risk management in terms of determining the risks that affect the progress of the strategic plan in accordance with the Methodology for the development of CSTs and objectives standing before a national authority.


On budget management:

- To take measures to ensure compliance with financial discipline, prevent violations of budget legislation and legislation on public procurement;

- To work toward further reduction of accounts payable and receivable in 2016 to ensure their full redemption;

- Ensure timely and proper implementation of the recommendations of the RK Ministry of Finance data on the evaluation of the effectiveness of budget management.


According to the provision of public services:

- To carry out the work on optimization and automation of public services provided by the traditional way just before national authority;

- To carry out the popularization of traditional methods of applying for public services.


According to Human Resources:

in order to reduce the level of staff turnover:

- To create a comprehensive program of activities and constraints turnover. To reduce turnover to an acceptable level through an orderly phase-out activities.

for the prevention of corruption:

- To strengthen the work of personnel services for the prevention of corruption, to carry out advocacy and legal education of the public authority employees in the form of training, workshops and training sessions;

- To continue work on the implementation of the automation of the state services, where the highest number of corruption offenses was detected.


According to the application of information technologies:

- To ensure full content of sections of the Internet resource;

- To update the knowledge base in the field of information;

- To continue work on the full automation features through departmental and / or inter-agency information systems;

- Improve the performance of the IPGO modules.


First Deputy Minister of

the national economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan










Acting director

Public Administration Development Department








D. Zhubanova