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State inventory of natural resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan (SINR)

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One of the key elements of environmental management aimed at efficient use of resources - the use of information system Natural-Resources Inventory

State inventory of natural resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan (SINR) - is an automated information system for collecting, organizing, storing, processing and displaying of spatial data about the state of natural resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the analysis of these data for the effective use in solving managerial, production and scientific tasks related to the protection, restoration and conservation of natural resources on the territory of our Republic.

SINR provides users with integrated secure access to content and applications, as well as unified workspace for collaboration regardless of the user’s location.

This system is designed according to the decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated September 25, 2000 no.1449 “On the establishment of the uniform system of state inventories of natural sites of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of digital geographic information systems”, as well as Chapter 18 of the Environmental Code.

Since 2005, RSE “Information and Analytical Center of Environmental Protection” is accompanied by the automated SINR.

As a result, there has been established an interdepartmental working group on the organization and maintenance of information systems on state inventories of natural resources (the Order no.308-Ө dated December 7, 2010), which included experts from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Agriculture: the Committee for Forestry and Hunting, the Committee of Fishery Resources, the Committee of Water Resources.

The structure of SINR includes the following subsystems:

Inventory of the forest fund

contains information system, required for forest management and evaluation of economic activities, including the legal status of forest resources, the quantitative and qualitative state of the forest fund.

Inventory of fauna

contains systematic information on state accounting of animal species that are the subject of hunting

Inventory of fisheries resources

contains systematic information on state accounting of commercial ichthyofauna, aquatic species, animals and invertebrates

Inventory of especially protected natural territories

contains systematic information on state accounting of the land registry, the state of especially protected natural territories

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Database of subsystems contains information about 668 objects of fauna, 198 objects of woodland, 2651 objects of fisheries and 312 objects of especially protected natural territories of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

SINR provides:

access for the Central Office of the Ministry of Environment and the Committee of Environmental Regulation and Control under the Ministry of Agriculture to the information resources of the system.

the increase of the objectivity and reliability of information on the state of natural resources;

the reduction of time for collecting and processing of the received information for decision management;

the accounting of natural resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the standardization of methods of collection, storage and processing of information through the use of advanced software and hardware tools (GIS);

operative authorized access to information resources, automated formation of the state statistical reporting and surveillance documents and analytical nature;

the increase of the productivity and quality of work of professionals by exempting them from doing paper work;

simplification of the exchange of information between government agencies and other interested organizations.

The functions of the system are:

collection, systematization, processing of information;

coordination of collection and storage of information;

the use of modern computer technology;

digital cartography;

basing on the standards;

a single information space;

information resources management.

The following events are carried out on the SINR system maintenance:

- SINR “Inventory of fauna” subsystem management;

- SINR “Inventory of fisheries resources" subsystem management;

- SINR RK “Inventory of the forest fund” subsystem management

- IS “SINR RK” “Inventory of especially protected natural territories” subsystem management;

- Technical support for software of SINR;

- Specialists training for operation of SINR subsystem