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Unified Information System of Environmental Protection (UIS EP)

UIS EP ( is designed to simplify the exchange of relevant environmental information between the departments of the Ministry, as well as with other organizations, and to promote access to environmental information and reports on environmental protection to the population and public organizations. The system is aimed at automation (computerization) of the functions of the central apparatus of the Ministry, its territorial and other government bodies in the field of environmental protection.

The main objectives of UIS EP:

1. to improve the efficiency of management on the implementation of plans and measures of environmental activities by obtaining primary data from the sources of

information and the formation of operational reporting to support management decisions;

2. to strengthen operational control of environmental conditions, due to constantly updated information from the sources of information, to reduce time for gathering, recording and processing of information, perform calculations and reporting from a single information space.

Technical support of software and hardware operation of UIS EP includes the maintenance of UIS EP, elimination of technical malfunctions and software failures, training of the Ministry’s staff of the rules of UIS EP operation, the collection and submission of information on environmental permits, the conclusions of the state ecological examination licenses, passports, hazardous waste, and information on violations of environmental legislation.

In order to implement UIS EP, there were developed a feasibility study (2004), technical specialization, technical project, working documentation and manuals (2008).

Since 2009, UIS EP has been in operating testing.

Within the revision of UIS EP were conducted the following activities:

- Preliminary examination;

- Installation of electronic archive;

- Formation of modernized data structures;

- Integration with state information systems of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MU), the Tax Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MF), the State database “E-licensing”;

- Conversion of paper archives to electronic form;

- Warranty support.