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Scientists of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Energy Awarded “Leader of Science”

The company Thomson Reuters, the world leader in providing analytical information for professionals in the field of science, business and the media, and “National Center for Scientific and Technical Information” JSC of Kazakhstan established an independent award “Leader of science” for scientist, whose scientific works are included in 1% the most cited articles for 2005-2015.

Awards “Leader of science” were presented to 18 scientists from Central Asian countries (14 of them from Kazakhstan), who, according to the information resource Essential Science Indicators of the company Thomson Reuters, were included in 1% of most cited articles for 2005-2015.


From left to right: David Brown – the Managing Director of Thomson Reuters, Aydin Mukambayev Irina Aristova, Natalia Mikhailovaemployees of the Institute of Geophysical Research, Adil Ibrayev – the President of “National Center for Scientific and Technical Information” JSC of the Republic of Kazakhstan


The awarding ceremony took place on October 28 this year at the International Forum “Science Integration of Central Asian countries into the global space” in the city of Almaty.


Among the award recipients in the field of geosciences – the staff of the Center for collecting and processing of special seismic data of the Geophysical Research Institute Natalia Mikhailova, Aydin Mukambayev and Irina Aristova. Their work

on macroseismic and instrumental data on earthquakes that occurred on the territory of Central Asia after 1900 year is highly cited.

Scientists from the Institute of Atomic Energy of RK Baurzhan Baktybayev, Anuar Sadykov and Aliya Sadvakasova participated in international developments in the world’s largest magnetic confinement fusion Joint European Torus (JET, the UK). The results of their study are published in the article “Overview of the JET results with the ITER-like wall”, included in 1% of the most cited articles for 2005-2015 in the field of physics.