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Handbook for service users

 Name of the public service 



Providing environmental information



  •  Standard

  •  Regulation



  1.  Acceptance of the application through the Office of Service Provider;
  2. Transfer of the application to the executor;
  3. Consideration of an application by the Executive;
  4. The search for materials on request;
  5. Drafting letters response services to the recipient
  6. Issuance of materials in paper format;
  7. The period of the public service - 7 days.


Issuance of permits for works using ozone-depleting substances repair, installation and maintenance of equipment containing ozone-depleting substances.



  • Standard


  • Regulation



  1. Application
  2. Application


Accreditation of independent organizations conducting professional verification and validation (determination) activities in the field of emission reductions and removals of greenhouse gases, as well as confirmation of the report on greenhouse gas inventory









List of State Services provided by the Committee of Atomic and Energy Supervision and Contol








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