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Workshop-training on the theme “System of energy management based on international standard ISO50001:2011”

On November 24-25, 2014 in Astana the Ministry of energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in cooperation with the Scientific Research and Education Center “Green Academy” and DQS-UL MSS (Germany) will conduct workshop-training on the theme “System of energy management based on international standard ISO50001:2011”.

Aim of the workshop is familiarization with international experience and requirements of the standard for energy management; increasing the capacity of responsible for the organization and operation of the energy management system persons.

 In Kazakhstan from January 1, 2014 Article 10 of the Law “On energy saving and energy efficiency” from January 13, 2012 № 541-IV LRK entered into force, according to which the subjects of the State Energy registry consuming energy resources in the amount of 1,500 or more tons of fuel per year are required to implement an energy management system in accordance with international standards. Energy management is a system of management of energy resources based on a standardized measuring and testing. This system provides control over the use of the required amount of energy for production.

International standard ISO 50001 was adopted in 2011 and includes requirements for the development and implementation of energy policy, objectives, targets and action plans in the field of energy management. Introduction of the energy management system will increase energy efficiency and reduce energy enterprises by developing strategies which provide decreasing of financial costs, reducing of greenhouse gas emission and other environmental impacts.

Highly skilled, certified international expert on energy management based on ISO 50001, environmental expert of Lünen and Diez in Germany and Austria, Chief Advisor of Kazakhstan Enterprise Development Programme of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Dr. Bernd Scholz is invited as a trainer.

Heads and managers of subsoil, energy, environment departments of government bodies,  enterprises of the energy, oil and gas industries as well as professionals interested in creating a system of effective energy management are invited to participate in the workshop-training.

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