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Lowering of the environmental impact and transparency of activities

On July 21, at the collegium of the Environmental Regulation and Supervision Committee of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan were considered issues on improving of the environment condition, lowering the emissions level, optimization and transparency of public services and control activities.

According to the results of the first half of 2017, the positive dynamics of lowering of emission limits in North Kazakhstan (25%), Kyzylorda (23%), West Kazakhstan and Zhambyl oblasts (17%), Kostanai (7% ), Mangistau oblast (5%), in the capital 19% and in Almaty 8% was noted in the course of the work of the collegium.

Also, the bill for optimizing public services in the sphere of issuing permits for emissions and environmental assessment certificate was discussed.

So, for the convenience of users, it is planned to reduce the steps of public services from 5 to 2 and to reduce the duration of their performance fourfold from 180 to 45 days.
By that, we unite the public services for issuing permits for emissions with project environmental impact assessment, which will positively affect on rankings indicators in "Doing Business», it is principle aimed at  relieving business operations in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the past half-year, the Ministry of Energy initiated the development of environmental targets for each oblast. They will allow to determine admissible volume of contaminants emissions in the oblast and to develop a plan of environmental protection measures to solve environmental problems.

Scientific developments in this direction are already being conducted in all regions, except Akmola, Kyzylorda and South Kazakhstan oblasts, where the akimats not allocated the financial resources for these purposes. Definitely, the obtained results will be used for improving the ecological state of the country's regions.

The reduction by 2/3 of the number of selective inspections of the state environmental control for the second half of the year is the important result of the department's work.

Now, the implementation of control functions is aimed at reducing the number of inspections and transition to the address inspections of natural resource users, whose activities connected with the significant risk of environmental pollution.

The project environmental impact assessment of large-scale natural resource users will be conducted with the participation of Expert Councils, which will include representatives of public associations, non-governmental organizations, scientific institutions, independent experts and mass media. The public hearings will be an obligatory step, where the opinion of the citizens and the public will be taken into account when discussing these projects.

According to the result of the work of the collegium, the head of the department gave precise instructions to the heads of regional offices, directed to ensure the transparency of their activities, to get going the feedback with the citizens and maximum public involvement in public services performance and environmental control.

 Also, the priorities of the department are the necessity of intensification of work to reduce the environmental burden on the environment, improving the effectiveness of environmental protection measures by natural resource users.

The necessity of focusing on environmental problems of the regions, detection and restrain of violations in the sphere of the environment protection, as well as the regular work on modernization and improvement of the environmental law is specified.

 In general, the department's activities will be aimed at the improving of the environment condition and effective solution of the environmental problems, as well as eliminating corruption risks by ensuring transparency of environmental control functions and simplifying the processes of providing public services.



Environmental Regulation and Supervision Committee

Of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan